Prophet Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES" and the Director of Desert Zion Bible Conference Center, Valencia County, New Mexico.  Ken presently lives in Belen, New Mexico.    

Ken writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, and Sermons, and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel.

Ken was born February 28, 1943, In Plainview, Texas.  He is 77+ years old.   He became a christian (Born Again) at the age of 12, and was called to the Gospel Ministry at the age of 17.

Upon graduation from High School, and three years in the Army, he attended Tennessee Temple University (Bible School) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He graduated with a Graduate Of Theology Degree in August 1971.  

He is the Father of four children, Dawayne , Darla , Delisa, and Delores.  Ken is married to Celeste Dewey who is also a minister alongside him.

Ken began ministering as Pastor of the Fabius Baptist Church near Fabius, Alabama during his Bible School training in the early sixties. Upon completion of his Bible Training in 1971,  he moved to Texas where he continued working as pastor in Baptist churches until 1989.  During these years he also served in Home Missions for five years in the state of Idaho where he helped establish new churches. 

Ken went on following his Bible School training to pastor churches for twenty three years across America.

In 1989 he left the ministry following many difficult days and discouragement.  Entering into a time [which stretched into ten years of difficulty.   For one who is Called by God personally it is impossible to be anything else other then that calling without a lot of difficulty.  Ken walked into the darkest time of his entire life.  He explains it like:  I was like Jonah who walked away from what God had commanded him to do, only to find himself in the belly of a whale.  Once in that wales belly a time of great testing occurs.  

The road away from his preaching led him to move to New Mexico.   Shortly after moving to New Mexico, Ken accidentally found alabaster stone in the ground.  With his newfound stone, Ken went on to pursue is art abilities.   After some time of learning and studying sculpting he became a stone sculptor.  Ken begin sculpting beautiful stone sculptures.   He begin going to Art Shows showing his sculptures with some success, then in about 1995 he begin his own art gallery in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Today his fine sculptures can be found literally all over the United States and in many Countries.  

Early in 1999 he was in his sculpting studio when suddenly a voice said to him:

“I will not let you go another year living like you are!”

From that time, until the week of Easter that year, he entered a most miserable time of testing. Finally deciding he could not go on any longer under such conviction, he began to go back to church, thinking this would help. But this didn’t help. After many sleepless nights, he resigned to go out into the desert to his remote stone quarry where he dug alabaster. [His desert place is some 35 miles from town.]   He went to fast and pray and seek the Lord. He told his friends, “I will not be back until I find out what God wants”.


On Easter Sunday he prayed until late in the evening, and a very heavy Spirit of God came upon him. He said, “I could not breathe, and all I could see was how very sinful my life had become, since he had stopped his preaching”   While laying on the floor having been stricken down, he cried out in his spirit [he couldn't talk out but only cry out in his mind] ‘if you do not let me breathe, I am going to die.’ At the last moment his breath returned, and he heard God say, “Why have you done me this way? Don’t you know I love you? I have been here all the time waiting for you to come to me.” He felt God pick him up and just love him, like he had never been loved .


For five days the Lord spoke directly to him. On the last day he said “God told me to go back to town and tell everyone to seek Him, to call upon Him while He is near, seek me while He can be found.

Needless to say, the Desert ‘God encounter’ changed his whole life.   During the encounter Ken was taught things he had never seen or known before.   Today he will quickly tell you my beliefs greatly changed from  his religious training where He was taught.   One of the most outstanding change came when he realized that he had been taught  against the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. Because of that Encounter the Lord game him revelation and clear understanding of the Baptism, he stated he has received the same with the evidence of speaking in tongues.

According to him, wrong belief system about the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and other things in bible doctrine, were taught to him in the bible college he attended and his years as Pastor.   Filled with God’s power, Ken now ministers in a new way and power he did not know before and his ministry has been transformed.   

After having returned home to tell of his encounter, and to attempt to undo much wrong, he began telling everyone about his Desert Encounter and the experience.  One of the things that the Lord had told Ken in that Encounter was:  GO TELL MEN TO SEEK ME UNTIL THEY FIND ME!   This message has been largely his message since that encounter.  

In the course of time, God has taken Ken out of this country into Peru, and even to the country of India, and many other places.   But, he has still remained in New Mexico, knowing God has kept him there and given him an assignment in the Ministry to the Body of Christ.   

In October 2006 God blessed Ken with his wife, Celeste, and they were married in San Ysidro, New Mexico.   Ken explained this new partner in life as "the Greatest Blessing in my new found life" and one which he declares as PURE GRACE in which God restored to him a life partner and helpmeet.    Celeste is a Spiritual lady with a calling of God upon her life as well as Ken, the minister now together living in Belen, New Mexico.

Following his marriage to Celeste, they did buy a large Gospel Tent, and did enter into a time of Tent Ministry, seeing many wonderful things happen such as healing and salvation. 

On February 17, 2007, Ken had another life changing encounter in his desert place with the Lord that  greatly impacted his life and ministry.  While praying, the Lord spoke to Ken and told him to go to the desert, and he would show him the precious stone. For years he has searched for a beautiful alabaster strata that would be precious. Upon searching to find the stone, God told him, “I am the precious stone that the world needs.” He was commanded to go and lift up Jesus and that in doing so, He would draw all men unto himself.

At the same time God told him to go back to town and tell the devil to “Let the people of God Go.” Jesus had set the people free by his death and resurrection, and that the devil had no power or right to hold men in bondage any longer.

In June 2007 He was told in a word from God, that God would put him on television. Five days later he signed a contract with KCHF Channel ll, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a weekly program entitled “The Precious Stone”. The Precious Stone TV ministry has ministered to thousands of people in New Mexico since August 2007. It continued up until January 2009 when the Lord closed this door and opened other doors.

In January 2008 he began creating a web site desiring to tell as many people as possible about Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Good News.  His many Prophetic Words and Teachings have been used of God to help people all over the World.  Ken has also written on other Internet places like Facebook, and Christian Forums. 

God has moved Ken to Belen, New Mexico where he blessed him with a House.  

Today Ken and his wife, Celeste, live now in Valencia County near Belen, New Mexico, and have founded the OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES .  


Ken has been given another assignment from the Lord to create Desert Zion, a growing [now fifty acres of beautiful desert land and instructions to build a Desert Tabernacle] where there is Bible preaching and outreach Ministry, to the End Times.  Desert Zion is growing [presently under construction] into a Bible Conference Grounds and a Bible School of the Spirit.  The grounds will also serve as a "Safe Place" for many Believers to come into during the coming terrible End Times.  Ken described this Desert Place as a IMPARTATION STATION where men and women come and are set ablaze with the Holy Spirit Power and sent out to minister to the End Times. 

Ken has a whole other story about how God called him to be a Prophet.  He says:  I HEARD HIM SAY TO ME:  YOU ARE MY PROPHET.  Go and put that title on your name and SPEAK FOR ME.  The Story of  the Out of the Desert Ministries, and Desert Zion, is all wrapped up in the above testimony.

 Today Ken has become known as "Desert Prophet" where in his desert, which he describes as HIS VICTORY OUT OF THE DESERT OF HIS LIFE, he continues to minister along with Celeste, all for the main purpose of causing men to SEEK THE LORD TILL THEY FIND HIM.  The Lord has used and is using Prophet Ken Dewey to teach foundational truths of the Word of God, bring back many from false doctrines to a sound Bible Foundation. 

Ken moves in the Special Ministry Gift of Prophecy, with many Words coming forth from the Lord himself, which he writes for the World to see.