The Vision of the Lord

to Prophet Ken Dewey


The Vision of Desert Zion has come through many Prophetic Words from the Lord over a period of time early in 2019.  On this Page you will find some links to these Words which will reveal what it is that Desert Zion about and the Lords desire in building.

CLICK ON TOPICS BELOW .... THAT ARE RED.  The topics that are NOT RED are under construction please come back later to read all.

*THE STORY OF DESERT ZION- As God has formed it in the heart of Prophet Ken Dewey going back many years long before he ever even lived in New Mexico.

*THE CITY OF GOLD - In early prophetic words the Lord spoke about building a special place which he called THE CITY OF GOLD.  This is the account.

*THEY CAME LOOKING FOR A CITY OF GOLD- In early revelation the Lord explained about how the Spanish Conquistador came looking for the City of Gold, did not find it and returned to Mexico disappointed.  Read here this revelation.

*GODS GREAT RELEASE TO BUILD- A Prophetic Word given to Prophet Dewey about building and with what and why.  The Lord said to build with Adobe and Rammed earth because Fire was coming and earth walls don't burn.  The Lord called Desert Zion his ARK.

*A LIST OF DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF DESERT ZION- The Lord describes that Desert Zion is a Ark Place, but he says a lot more that Desert Zion will be, such as having in it the Desert Tabernacle, the Desert Bible School of the Spirit, and a Bible Conference Center.  Of course there will be rooms for people to stay in while in Desert Zion.  Read all here..