"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth"

2 Timothy 2:15


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*THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT  The work of the Holy Spirit in Today's World.  These Studies are written to untangle the confusion of When the Holy Spirit came to Earth, What happened when He came, and where He lives.  The Spirit Baptism with the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of Speaking in Tongues.  What is and how to receive the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.  Talking in Tongues, and Gifts of the Spirit.  

* STUDIES ABOUT THE DOCTRINE OF SALVATIONVarious Studies to aid all to read and study about:  What the Word of God says about how a person comes to know he is saved, or What must I do to be Saved?  This is perhaps the most needed of all studies because the modern day teachers have lost the Bible Principles of Salvation.  Under this page one will find a lot of instruction about "What Exactly is Bible Salvation".  If a person does not know how to be saved for sure, he wonders in the dark continually searching for the answers.  Many struggle today because they do not understand the Bible Teaching of HOW, WHY, WHEN, WHO can be saved.  Is there a formula for salvation, if so, What is the formula or steps to Salvation?  Begin to study by clicking on this link to a page containing many needed teachings.

*STUDIES FROM THE BOOK OF HEBREWSThe Book of Hebrews contains a very deep look into the Old Covenant and how the New Covenant does differ from the Old.  This study will help a person understand the transition between the two covenants, What is the Sacrificial System of the Old Testament all about, and much more.  A thorough understanding of the Book of Hebrews will give great insight into God's Eternal Plan of Salvation of Man.  A must study.