*REST IN ME - A Prophetic Teaching Word  received by Prophet Ken Dewey Sept. 10, 2020

I heard the Lord speaking this Word and the Bible Reference was taken from Hebrews 4:11

*THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST! A study from Hebrews 9.pdf - A study taken from Hebrews chapter 9 - by Prophet Ken Dewey- September 12, 2020.

*THE SACRIFICIAL SYSTEM - Why God Instituted this System.  A Study of the Sacrificial System under the Old Covenant and comparing it with the New Covenant and the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the Sins of the World. 

*The Book of Hebrews - The Beginning Study

Why study the Book of Hebrews and what is the main teaching one needs to look for in the book?  Many today are confused about the Old and New Covenants, and much false doctrine is based in their confusion.