By Prophet Ken Dewey

* They Must be Lost to be Saved!Pdf - In order for any man to be saved he must first know that he is a lost man, and then he must know why he is lost.  Before anyone will even understand what Salvation is all about, and how to find it, one must first know his condition as a Sinner.

* WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A PERSON IS "SAVED"? Pdf - What are the Steps to Salvation and what actually happens when a person i saved?

*ONE SACRIFICE FOR EVERPdf - The Bible says in Hebrews 9 that Jesus did die ONCE FOR ALL and is sit down FOREVER having finished the work of salvation of men.

*THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE THE APOSTLE PAUL PREACHED! Pdf - The most important message the Apostle Paul ever preached was the Gospel Message.  Paul said:  I preach nothing but Christ Crucified.  He said I come preaching the Gospel of Christ and nothing else.

* DEAR PHARISEE AND ALL RELIGIOUS LAW-KEEPERS Pdf - An open letter of warning to all who desire to be saved by keeping the Law.  No person can be saved by keeping the Law it is evident, the Scripture says because the Just shall live by Faith.

* JESUS SAID: I NEVER... KNEW YOU! Pdf - The Bible says that in the last day when men stand before him there would be many who will say we did many wonderful works in your name, even cast out devils, then Jesus will say to them:  I never knew you.  Who will these people be?

*DID JESUS DIE IN VAIN? Pdf - Many believe that in order to be saved or to remain saved after one is born again that he must keep the Law and Commandments.  The Scriptures say that IF men could be saved by keeping the Law and Commandments then Christ would have died in vain.

*THE DEVIL BELIEVES, EVEN TREMBLES Pdf - The Devil is not saved we know for sure, but, he believes and even trembles.  So why is the Devil not saved if all it takes is for one to simply Believe to be saved?  It is because of the fact he will not Serve God nor bow to him as Lord.    

* DOES ETERNAL SALVATION GIVE BELIEVERS A LICENSE TO SIN? Pdf - If a sinner is saved by Grace through Faith alone and given Eternal Life, does that Grace give that saved person a right to live anyway he wants to live and to sin?

*THE GOSPEL MESSAGE OF THE GRACE OF GOD CANNOT BE SWEPT UNDER THE RELIGIOUS CARPET! Pdf The Gospel Message as described by the Apostle Paul is absolutely a must to be saved.  If the Gospel Message is added to or taken away from, then it is rendered of no effect and will only bring a curse upon those who preach the false gospel message.

*TWO STREAMS FLOWING TOGETHERPdf - Is there a difference now between the Jews and the Church?  The Bible says they have been now made One New Man, and that the wall of division has been broken down.

*ARE ALL BELIEVERS IN CHRIST DISCIPLES? Pdf - There is a very dangerous false teaching going around saying that one must be a Disciple of Christ to be saved and that to do that one would have to give up all that he has and his money, etc, to be saved.  This is false, because salvation is a Gift, and it is free!

* WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE CHILD OF GOD SINS? Pdf - The Child of God who sins is not treated the same as a lost sinner who has never been saved.  The one who is saved is a SON OF GOD, and has passed from death unto life, and, is living now in the Kingdom of Light, and is no longer a part of the Kingdom of Darkness.

*The Way of Cain  Pdf - The Bible records the first mention of building an altar to offer sacrifices upon as being in the beginning with Adam and his Sons.  Cain killed Abel because his sacrifice of the work of his hands was rejected, and Abel's blood sacrifice was received.  This has an important teaching about Salvation by the blood.